Phase Noise Measurement Products

PNG-A Adjustable Phase Noise Generator

  The PNG-A is a high precision generator used in Test and Measurement instruments calibration. It is a Signal Generator with precisely computed phase and amplitude noise characteristics. With its wide frequency offset range, 1Hz to 1 MHz offset, and its programmable Phase and Amplitude noise in...Read more

- DCNTS -190 dBc/Hz Noise Floor

The DCNTS is a two channel Phase and Amplitude noise analyzer. With cross correlation the system suppresses noise from the references and other systematic noise sources.

- NXA-6 Phase Noise Analyzer

6 GHz, NXA Series Phase Noise Analyzer

- NXA-26 Phase Noise Analyzer

5 MHZ to 26 GHz Phase Noise Test System with dual core, cross-correlation capability for CW and Pulsed measurements. Using built in signal reference generators the NXA preforms both residual and absolute phase noise measurements.

- NXA-50 Phase Noise Analyzer

50 GHz, NXA Series Phase Noise Analyzer

- PN9000 - Industry Standard in Noise Measurement

The PN9000 is a simple and fast Automatic Phase Noise Test System covering a very wide frequency range (2 MHz to 140 GHz). Its modular architecture allows optimum configuration, multiple measurement techniques and future growth in a compact...Read more

PN9002 - RADAR Stability Testing

The cost-effective PN9002 test simplifies the testing and analysis of pulse-to-pulse amplitude and phase stability for radar systems and components to 18GHz. Radar component and system testing usually evokes images of complex, expensive measurement systems occupying multiple equipment racks. In ...Read more

NXA Travel Case

NXA Travel Case. Durable, rain-tight portable case for all NXA models. Sturdy handle and wheels makes transportation easy. Suitable for shipping. Part Number:...Read more

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