Radar and Radio Test Systems
These systems are used to replicate transmission channels for applications including radar range replication, radio networks, and wireless system testing. A range of products are available with uni..
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Radar Altimeter Test Set
Ultra precise and highly stable test systems used for calibration, verification, and development of aircraft radar altimeters. Test sets operate with any and all altimeter technologies including LPI,..
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Phase Noise Measurement
Measurement capability for critical frequency stability and purity applications including radar transmitters, frequency synthesizers, and crystal oscillators. Our phase noise test systems offer the..
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Ultra-Low Phase Noise Synthesizers
The SLC is a very affordable single or dual clock 7 GHz synthesizer that exhibits outstanding phase noise and jitter performance in a very small package. With -170 dBc/Hz phase noise floor at 10..
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Switch Matrix Products
Eastern OptX offers Switch Matrix Systems from DC to Light with many standard and semi-custom configurations. Try our Part Wizard to help configure a system and receive an instant quote today.
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Mechanically Variable Attenuators
Eastern OptX offers a family of mechanically variable attenuators for new designs , and for applications needing obsolete replacement parts. These rugged parts offer excellent, continuously variable..
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RF and Microwave Anechoic Chambers
Eastern OptX offers standard and custom, portable anechoic chambers including antennas, internal cabling, access panels and absorptive foam
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