About NoiseXT


Noise eXtended Technologies has the goal of serving the test and Phase noise measurement market, in general, and the embedded systems (OEM) market segment, in particular, by providing high performance instrumentation products at affordable prices.

Noise eXtended Technologies is the new name of Europtest, an ex-subsidiary of Aeroflex Inc. NoiseXT kept all the Europtest knowledge and Intellectual Property and will continue to serve the Europtest customers.

What Does Noise eXtended Technologies Do?

Noise eXtended Technologies is in the business of helping customers develop the phase noise systems measurements for electronic signals and frequency synthesis.


OEMS. These are manufacturers who need to interface their equipment to one or more RF or Microwave signals sources. They may design their own circuitry to do this task, or they may decide to purchase NoiseXT products to do the same task. An example of this would be a manufacturer of Spectrum Analyzers that chose to embed Down-Converter to interface their system to a swept source Microwave on the best dynamical range of their Spectrums Analyzers. Their job is to make this build decision as simple as possible for the customers by providing high performance products at very affordable prices.

Manufacturing Test. Manufacturers who need to test if their product meets its specifications have to exercise their product and make measurements to ensure that the results are within the acceptable range. This is usually done by measuring an electronic signal that is output by a VCXO. An example would be the manufacturer of this VCXO who needed the phase noise form to do a final quality control test on the product prior to packaging. A Spectrum Analyzer was does not provide enough precision for product compliance. They chose NoiseXT Phase Noise systems and were able to not only do the necessary testing, but also increase their manufacturing throughput.

Research & Development. Researchers need very specific measurement capabilities, be it optimization or the development, they need very flexible measurement equipment. We work with these customers to develop and implement a solution.