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Operating from 20 to 40 GHz, two radios may be connected to the system allowing full duplex operation. Each radio may operates over identical Air Interface with uni or bi-directional multipath. The delays between radios may be varied from 0 to 1 mile in 5 foot steps with propagation loss control. The 2040+ creates a variable test range right in your lab. It can be used as a design aid and as a test tool for new modulation and encryption schemes prior to expensive and time consuming field testing.




The PNG-A is a high precision generator used in Test and Measurement instruments calibration. It is a Signal Generator with precisely computed phase and amplitude noise characteristics.


With its wide frequency offset range, 1Hz to 1 MHz offset, and its programmable Phase and Amplitude noise in real time, this is the ideal standard to calibrate phase noise analyzers, Signal Source Analyzers and Spectrum Analyzers.


The PNG-A can also be programmed in Random and Deterministic Jitter in order to test Oscilloscopes or even test clock recovery systems or receivers in the presence of noise or jitter. Much more flexible than traditional noise sources; the PNG-A allows the user to tailor the noise shape and its Phase and Amplitude distribution.

The new line of Eastern OptX switch matrix systems are designed for test and signal processing applications from DC to light. The COTS, rack mount, and bench top systems are available for Hi-Rel and Medical applications as well as commercial testing. Many standard systems as well as semi-custom versions are offered for your requirement.

Click here to view IMS-2015 interviews with Eastern OptX personnel. New products and product applications are discussed in detail.


Jerry Lomurno and Joe Mazzochette talk about Eastern OptX at IMS 2015

 Joe Mazzochette talks about Eastern OptX - Part 1: The Radar Altimeter Space

 Joe Mazzochette talks about Eastern OptX - Part 2: General Purpose Radar Systems

 Joe Mazzochette talks about Eastern OptX - Part 3: The Communications Space

 Joe Mazzochette talks about the Eastern OptX Series 8000, Series 5000, and Series 3000

The Eastern OptX Altimeter Test Set was featured in the January edition of the Microwave Journal as the Most Valuable Product. Please click here to read the entire article, or download it here.

Check out the following link to watch a detailed description of the operation of a typical Eastern OptX Series 3000 Delay System:

December 2015: MPD features an interview with Joe Mazzochette from Eastern Optx

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